Frequently Asked Questions



What kinds of parties or events do you do?


 Almost anyplace there will be kids or adults! Children's Birthday Parties, Family Parties, Grand Openings, Sporting Events, Fairs, Corporate Events and Fundraisers.



 What ages do you paint?


I paint children ages 3 & up.  I usually can only do a limited range of simple designs on 3 year olds as they can be a little squirmy,  afraid of strangers and new experience.



 What kind of paints do you use?


I use a mixture of paints including Snazaroo, DFX, Paradise, TAG and Grimas, which are all safe, non-toxic and FDA approved. 


I also have neon paints which glow when under UV lights.



Are your designs airbrushed or hand-painted?


I hand paint everything with paintbrushes or sponges.



 Do you paint full-face designs


Yes! I paint full face, eyes designs, arms and cheek art. 



 How do you organise the face painting at parties?


The children are free to come and go to enjoy other activities. I encourage them to do so...but many times they all want to watch their friends being painted which is great!  I try set up in an out of the way corner, as getting bumped and jostled is not conductive to face painting.



 What other stuff do you offer?


Temporary Glitter Tattoos







Basic Balloon Modelling






 How many faces can you paint?


This depends upon the complexity of the faces. Some faces can take longer, but generally 10-12 faces in an hour is a good indicator. This equates to something like 20-25 faces in a 2 hour party.



 How long does it last?  How do I get it off?


Face paints can last all day if no perspiration occurs.


The paints wash off easily with mild soap and warm water.

Some paints will stain more than others so you may need to repeat cleaning depending on how long you have been wearing the paint and what the colour is (green/metallic paint for example) - this is normal and will fade within a day or two. Baby oil or moisturiser can also help fading.


Glitter Tattoos can last 3-7 days if looked after. Avoid swimming and the use of oils and lotions.


Glitter Tattoos can be removed with alcohol/baby oil and a bit of rubbing.



Do I need to provide anything for you?


A table and 2 chairs would be nice, but I can bring my own if necessary.


Access to clean water is nice to rinse brushes.


We will discuss this arrangement when you book the party.



 Which geographical areas do you cover?


Based in Thornton in Bradford, I can cover 20 mile radius including Halifax, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Keighley. I am prepared to travel but there may be additional costs for over 10 mile journeys to cover for petrol expenses and to compensate for time.



 What about Insurance?



I have Public Liability Insurance.





 What about a CRB check?



I have been CRB checked.  However I am not offering childminder services and they should have parental supervision and as such a CRB check is not a legal requirement for face painters.






 What about Health and Safety?



I take Health and Safety very seriously.

  • The water is cleaned regularly.
  • I use a clean sponges and brushes for each child.
  • I use professional paints which are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.



Do you accept credit cards?



No, unfortunately, I do not accept credit cards at this time. I gladly accept cash, personal cheques or paypal.


 How much do you charge?


I can offer a package of quality face painting, fabulous glitter tattoos and balloon modelling. It would be £80 for a 2 hour party in Bradford and local area.  Additinal travel charges will apply for over 10 miles.  Additional hours are £40 per hour.  Discount for longer hours may be available. 


Due to travel and set up times I tend not to do less than 2 hours unless it is extremely local to me.  However for 90 min parties (ie in play gyms) I am willing to make up modelling balloons at home and bring them with me.  This means I can concentrate on painting faces and tattoos at the event and you get full value for money.  The balloons can be given out during the event or with party bags as the children leave.  I will make further balloons at the end if I have time. 


Still have questions? Please contact me at anytime!




I look forward to hearing from you!